Author, Life Coach, Intuitive


Accepted for inclusion in the Best of Milwaukee Writer’s Circle 2012 (Anthology)



Keridak Kae

As the stagecoach rode off, I realized that across the gentle roll of hills was my destiny. Strange that it would come in the form of red rock, sand and heat. Strange enough, that a girl white as cream and used to a soft catered life, would leave her family, home, and friends. That same child, called “Little Princess” by a doting father, would step off a stagecoach in the middle of nowhere. No house in sight. No man standing near to provide safety or care.

I wiped the dust off my face and settled on a flat cactus free spot. Crouching down onto my heels, I tried to keep the seat of my jeans clean. Rocking on my toes, the heels of my boots tapped a rhythm against my bottom. Hugging knees, head down, I tried to maximize the cover of my hat against the brutal rays and waited for the call that would tell me where to go next.

The call had come gently at first a few months ago — a pulling in my dreams, then my waking mind. Pulling me to a place I didn’t know, and a world beyond my imagining. Finally, I followed it.


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