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Free — I bet t…

Free — I bet that word got your attention! But I mean it. You need help out there and that’s what this site , the book and other VF resources are all about. But you may not have the budget to do all the things that need getting done. Here are several ways to create a marketing team with out it costing you anything.

First who would you need – or who would you want? As a sole-entrepreneur you are used to doing it all! You may very well like having control over all the facets of your business but marketing is about making connections.

The late great ADHD Coach Ken Zaretzky said “Discover who has your customers that you are not in competition with.”

They will be great assets as your team. In turn think about what you can give them. Will they want to send you customers because it is a benefit to them? A doctor might refer particular personal trainers because they know their techniques are effective. Contact these possible team members, introduce your self, if possible offer samples.

Next is the Join Venture. Joint Ventures are a partnership. It might be adding your logo and expertise to an event, as a facilitator. It might be partnering with a similar but not competing product lines. A wedding photographer might add a Make Up Artist to mailings. This would be an added value for clients and could be offered as a discounted promotion. Image

Talk it up — Let others know what you do and who you help. We like working with our friends, sending referrals to people that we personally know. So add your friends and neighbors to the Team. Ask them what they do, offer to visit their place of business or share ideas with them. Usually they will respond in turn and ask you.
Suggest partnerships. Call people that might be good to know and ask if they would like to have coffee. I spent a month focusing on calling and visiting with others in my industry. I didn’t know them but had perhaps met at a meeting. I just called and asked if they were free to just chat.
By sharing industry information with others you may find unexpected marketing allies.  When I was Life Coaching and working exclusively with Parents. I found several other coaches who called me and referred families.
And finally there is the age old system of barter!  We often think of this as service for service or product for product, but consider using it as an inexpensive affiliate system.  What can you give away for five referrals? Buy one – a friend gets one free… these are all ways to leverage what your business is and to get a word of mouth started.
Marketing is getting the word out but better yet it is getting the client in the door and buying!  
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