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Stress Relief – 5 Ways to let it go


Stress relief

is always a hot topic.


Even now that the holiday are over, several clients have  mentioned that they are feeling tense, on edge and still not relaxed.  So I thought I would offer a few of the stress busters that I bring to my workshops.

1.  Lavender or vanilla can be incredibly relaxing scents.  Keep a small container of an essential oil in your purse or desk drawer.

2.  Change it up! Sometimes the Feng Shui  – the natural flow of energy can be off.  Find stress relief in moving the furnature, try facing a different direction. Add a plant or mirror.  Go sit in a different area for a bit.  The art of Fen Shui is ancient and serious – but even a small shift can start to make you feel better.

3. Chocolate – yes there is a reason you crave it! It actually will help you feel better. Especially dark chocolate.

4.  Get a balloon ( not blown up yet) and when you feel stressed think of all the things that stress you. With each thought blow into the balloon.  Fill it up! Then let the balloon go. Allow yourself to release the stresses as the balloon releases the air.

Send a Video  – it might become one of the Funny ones we can highlight.  Hysterical stress relief videos!


5. Laughter! Did you  know how relaxing it is to let out a good belly laugh?