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Don’t Take Anything Personally

Wow!!  What a tough one to follow.  Lately it seems that people are grumpier. Perhaps it is the economy, perhaps the pending winter or perhaps it is fall out from the cosmic shifting that is currently going on around us!  What ever it is you, and I, are caught in the crossfire more often than we have ever been before.

Well don’t let it bother you! Of course this is easier said than done. But I have a few tips and am ready to help you through.  One that I frequently share with my coaching clients is deep belly breathing.  As babies we sould breathe deeply and calmly into our bellies. Imagine watching a baby how their little tummies go up and down. That is relaxed breathing.  It generates chemicals in your brain that calm and nurture your soul.

When affronted, take this quick tip and breathe into your belly.  It works best if you have practiced. You can do this any where and anytime.  While driving, deep  soothing breaths. When the boss comes in, deep belly breathes. In slowly and out slowly.  Slow your talk, slow your breathing, slow  your movement. (but stay alert).

If you need help setting practice times or going beyond this technique with other effective ones contact me for a quick detox session.


Welcoming the Dead

From the Thursday’s Bite on Jessica Aspen Writes:                                                    



Today I’m welcoming Keridak Kae to Jessica Aspen Writes. Keridak’s new book,Protection for the Inner and Outer Self is a non-fiction guide that includes stories and techniques for psychic self-protection.

Welcome the Dead

It’s the time of year when the veil between the spirit world and our world thins.  Are you ready to welcome your guests: the spirits of loved ones, friends, pets or perhaps others?  What is your role as hostess? How do you become Martha Stewart to the un-bodied?





Re-connecting the Best Kind of Love

The other day I attended a wedding. My friend was the pastor and the couple were young, full of life and expectation. It was a ceremony mixing tradition with personal preferences and choices.   They choose to symbolize their union with a sand ceremony. Each had a container of colored sand and they simultaneously poured the sand into a third vessel. The mixing of the colors symbolized the new union.

It made me think about marriage and how I saw this coupling for life.  My mother and father married after only knowing each other 3 months. They felt that they were in love the moment they met.  My mother said it was like a pair of old comfortable shoes.  The fit was there and they are still together caring and supporting each other 55 years later.

Having recently found my “pair of old shoes” after trying on or forcing myself to wear the less than comfortable ones; I realized that the union of marriage will be less a coming together of two separate lives than it will be a recognition.  Recognition and a welcoming home.

We fit: we love and we feel loved by each other.   I know we have known each other in other lives, those lives were happy.  When challenges came we had each other.  The laughter of friendship, the comfort and security of having known each other for forever.  We weren’t always lovers, but being lovers now just adds a layer of intense passion that enhances the moments together.

I am envisioning a ceremony that starts with us holding hands a circle, looking into each other’s eyes and saying the words that affirm our connection. Not a promise, not a commitment because that isn’t needed – we are Karmically bound and will be throughout this life and many others.  Our service will be a celebration of re-discovery.

Karma brings back parts of other lives that one is not finished with.  I wonder how often it brings you a treasured friend and how often people are afraid to accept the gift.  Look for your karmic partners, lovers and friends… be open to the possibilities…explore and  Celebrate  Your Re-Connecting.


I attended the Milwaukee Writer’s Circle BBQ the other night.  Author Anthony Alston, our host, shared how he used music to influence and to forward his creativity.  The group of us listened to one of his original compositions and wrote while he played the piano.  Each of us was moved, even the guest non writers; each of us wrote a piece.

It was amazing the themes of love came through yet it was vastly different for each of us.  Music led us to be more introspective and to blend the feelings into words.

In the past we have used starting sentences, pictures and themes to begin a writing project.  My short story Across, originated from one of these exercises.

Creativity can be ignited from anything.  A thought, a touch. a smell can all start your mind on a train of thought that takes on a life of it’s own.  Children do this easily, they move from fantasy to reality, often blending the two.  Allow yourself to become more creative.  You don’t have to write or compose – just start to allow new thoughts to enter.

Heddy Keith, the founder of the Milwaukee Writer’s Circle, talked about using “What if…”  This can be applied to your own life. What if I added cinnamon to my breakfast cereal? What if I turned here, just to see where it leads.  What if I called…  the potential is endless.  You may find that a little creativty will add interest and excitement to your life.

Let me know how it changes or enhances the days for you.

Pursuing Your Dream

It is so easy to get side tracked! People, things, the internet all pull on your time.  It is essential to remember yourself.  Set a few moments during the day to just relax and focus on yourself.

Wake up  a few minutes early and do a few stretches.  Enjoy your morning beverage in silence.  Try to let thoughts drift away. For a few moments you are only being.

Ignore the dishes, don’t worry about the to-do list or what you are going to wear… let it all go… breathe… smile…sip.

The vacation feeling of nothing to do.

Enjoy the moment. Savor it. Allow it to linger. You are worth it.

Be in the now as you move forward; making breakfast, eating, helping others get ready for the day. Stay in the moment of peace as long as you can. Each tak allow it to go as long as it can. No need to take note or to see what days are better. they are all good.  You are good…enjoy…

A Little Bit…

Even in today’s crazy world a little bit can go a long way. Cliche, you may be thinking but really it is true.  Imagine a a few small moments.   Consider how you feel now and how you feel afterwards. Add to the list and create your own small tidbits of joy, peace or pleasure.

  • Smile — share one with anyone.
  • Imagine a loved one, especially during a fun or bonding experience.
  • Bring back the smell of cookies baking.
What are your small moments? Please share them with us…
Love, Light and Laughter

Look No Hands!!

Love Being Alone

For many people there is an uncomfortableness when they are alone.  The thought of just being quiet and relaxed with only yourself (no frantic activities) seems foreign.  Yet this is a huge key to happiness.

The art of being has been talked about by many.  You might start by a more active, guided manner. This might be easier than just jumping right in to silence and alone stillness.

Find a simple quiet activity.  The Buddhists do a walking meditation. You might find paddling a boat, eating an ice cream, gardening, a yoga position or other choice.  It should last at least 5 minutes to start. Do your best to try this in a quiet area. Focus only on the action you are doing. Breathe comfortably.

Remember to relax your shoulders, your tongue and your neck.  If you feel tightness in other parts of your body – relax those muscles.  Allow your mind to drift around your activity.  Feel what you are doing, smell, taste, touch…

If other thoughts come in, allow them to drift out. Pay no attention. Bring yourself back to your focus activity.  After five minutes or the length of time you are able to continue this. Gently brig yourself back, smile and congratulate yourself on doing your best.  Next time it will be even better.  Each time you will be closer to feeling the Universal Flow.

The Joy of Being Alone


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Keridak Kae Silk, MS: Author, Life Coach, Intuitive.  Keri offers support to those learning to find their spiritual center which is the fountain of joy, success and prosperity.  She is the President and Founder of Intuitives International.   866-279-8666 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            866-279-8666

Universal Flow

On my radio show my last (and now regular) guest Abraham Rose, talked about being in the flow of Spirit.  She understands this flow of abundance and care to come from God. She talked about the events of her life where she allowed herself to truly listen. To listen despite her common sense.

For Rose this has become second nature. She asked God for her perfect mate and was told no. Right now there isn’t one there for you.  How many of us would have stopped right there. Wow — being told no!

But she continued to listen. What she heard was the perfect man for you is not there now. But you will meet a man, who if you follow divine guidance, you will be able to change his life. And in so doing he will become perfect for you.

Enter Johnny… 

Johnny Ellis and Abraham Rose

Johnny Ellis and Abraham Rose

The story is wonderful, but what you truly need to pay attention to is the message.  Often no is for our own good. Often no means not yet or not now.  Listen to the divine spark inside your self.  Tap into the universal energy through mediation, divination tools or other means.

My readings often show me that what I thought I wanted was not for my better good.  Sometimes that’s hard to hear. Other times, I say to myself “I knew that”.  For me and my clients Tarot helps to show the obstacles, the path and the possibilities.

Like Rose, I hear an inner voice but for me the tools help to give clarity.  You can find your own clarity.  Try calming your senses. Deep full breathes. Focus on a brief mantra (words to repeat over and over) this will give your mind something to focus on. Still your other thoughts.  When you are ready as your question. Keep it simple.  And continue to breathe, still your self and wait.  You will probably need to repeat this process many times. Realize that eventually it will be come second nature.

Eventually, you will find a way to notice the answers with out having to go through the full process. Rose says her mouth forms the words yes or no. With that she knows what to do.  For me the chakra’s in my palms heat up. The warmer the energy center’s get the more I know it is a yes. Pay attention and you will find yours.


You may use or copy this article. Please include the following lines at the bottom:

Keridak Kae Silk, MS: Author, Life Coach, Intuitive.  Keri offers support to those learning to find their spiritual center which is the fountain of joy, success and prosperity.  She is the President and Founder of Intuitives International.   866-279-8666 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            866-279-8666

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