Author, Life Coach, Intuitive

Life Coaching

Keri helps people who are dissatisfied and struggling to create a new life.

Through Life Coaching, You find:

  •       Your Balance
  •       Your Passion
  •       Your Inner Wisdom
  •       Your Confidence
  •       Your Road to Abundance

Keridak Kae Silk, MS, LCWE, DTM is the founder and President of Intuitives International. Keri is past President of the Chicago Coaching Alliance. She has been working with individual clients for since 1995.

Call 866-279-8666 or  to make an appointment

Coaching is by phone. No need to travel

Sessions are $95.00 per hour*

Or   12 for $ 990*   ($330 a month for four weekly one hour sessions)

Save $90 each package of 12 by prepaying*

*payment may be sent by check or through credit card/PayPal

prior to the first session/nonrefundable




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