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Re-Claim Your Self

Two days ago I was part of a Golden Crown Activation.  The Golden Crown Chakra is above your head (not part of what we typically consider our bodies) – often it is shown as a veil or small Buddha.  Opening it is essential to creating a greater connection with the divine and it is a powerful activation. My dear friend Lydia Van den Broeck is amazing at moving the energy and clearing blockages.  

It became obvious that I had shifted greatly and I have been putting the new me into perspective. I find that a big piece of this is re-claiming myself! I had begun, as you may have, to drift away from the essential me. I work with so many people to help them discover their true self, their futures and their paths that I had forgotten myself. 

Like the shoe maker I was walking around in raggy shoes and spending my time creating lovely new ones for others. What I am re-claiming is this. To perfect myself – to reclaim more fun and joy – to spend more time in this realm of spiritual bliss than I was doing. I have re written my bio and focus for Keen (a way to make an appointment or see if I am online for readings), I am fully opening myself up and I will be even more inline with the messages from our guides. 

My dragons are applauding!  They had been calling me to do more readings and to write more. Both are my personal way to growth.  I am looking forward to helping more of you re-claim yourselves. 

Love, Light and Laughter




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