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Re-connecting the Best Kind of Love

The other day I attended a wedding. My friend was the pastor and the couple were young, full of life and expectation. It was a ceremony mixing tradition with personal preferences and choices.   They choose to symbolize their union with a sand ceremony. Each had a container of colored sand and they simultaneously poured the sand into a third vessel. The mixing of the colors symbolized the new union.

It made me think about marriage and how I saw this coupling for life.  My mother and father married after only knowing each other 3 months. They felt that they were in love the moment they met.  My mother said it was like a pair of old comfortable shoes.  The fit was there and they are still together caring and supporting each other 55 years later.

Having recently found my “pair of old shoes” after trying on or forcing myself to wear the less than comfortable ones; I realized that the union of marriage will be less a coming together of two separate lives than it will be a recognition.  Recognition and a welcoming home.

We fit: we love and we feel loved by each other.   I know we have known each other in other lives, those lives were happy.  When challenges came we had each other.  The laughter of friendship, the comfort and security of having known each other for forever.  We weren’t always lovers, but being lovers now just adds a layer of intense passion that enhances the moments together.

I am envisioning a ceremony that starts with us holding hands a circle, looking into each other’s eyes and saying the words that affirm our connection. Not a promise, not a commitment because that isn’t needed – we are Karmically bound and will be throughout this life and many others.  Our service will be a celebration of re-discovery.

Karma brings back parts of other lives that one is not finished with.  I wonder how often it brings you a treasured friend and how often people are afraid to accept the gift.  Look for your karmic partners, lovers and friends… be open to the possibilities…explore and  Celebrate  Your Re-Connecting.


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  1. Love this post Keri. I think the idea of the sand ceremony is very cool and I’m so happy that you’ve finally found a pair of “shoes” that fit. Wishing you many years of health and happiness!

    October 3, 2011 at 9:25 am

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