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Universal Flow

On my radio show my last (and now regular) guest Abraham Rose, talked about being in the flow of Spirit.  She understands this flow of abundance and care to come from God. She talked about the events of her life where she allowed herself to truly listen. To listen despite her common sense.

For Rose this has become second nature. She asked God for her perfect mate and was told no. Right now there isn’t one there for you.  How many of us would have stopped right there. Wow — being told no!

But she continued to listen. What she heard was the perfect man for you is not there now. But you will meet a man, who if you follow divine guidance, you will be able to change his life. And in so doing he will become perfect for you.

Enter Johnny… 

Johnny Ellis and Abraham Rose

Johnny Ellis and Abraham Rose

The story is wonderful, but what you truly need to pay attention to is the message.  Often no is for our own good. Often no means not yet or not now.  Listen to the divine spark inside your self.  Tap into the universal energy through mediation, divination tools or other means.

My readings often show me that what I thought I wanted was not for my better good.  Sometimes that’s hard to hear. Other times, I say to myself “I knew that”.  For me and my clients Tarot helps to show the obstacles, the path and the possibilities.

Like Rose, I hear an inner voice but for me the tools help to give clarity.  You can find your own clarity.  Try calming your senses. Deep full breathes. Focus on a brief mantra (words to repeat over and over) this will give your mind something to focus on. Still your other thoughts.  When you are ready as your question. Keep it simple.  And continue to breathe, still your self and wait.  You will probably need to repeat this process many times. Realize that eventually it will be come second nature.

Eventually, you will find a way to notice the answers with out having to go through the full process. Rose says her mouth forms the words yes or no. With that she knows what to do.  For me the chakra’s in my palms heat up. The warmer the energy center’s get the more I know it is a yes. Pay attention and you will find yours.


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