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Love Being Alone

For many people there is an uncomfortableness when they are alone.  The thought of just being quiet and relaxed with only yourself (no frantic activities) seems foreign.  Yet this is a huge key to happiness.

The art of being has been talked about by many.  You might start by a more active, guided manner. This might be easier than just jumping right in to silence and alone stillness.

Find a simple quiet activity.  The Buddhists do a walking meditation. You might find paddling a boat, eating an ice cream, gardening, a yoga position or other choice.  It should last at least 5 minutes to start. Do your best to try this in a quiet area. Focus only on the action you are doing. Breathe comfortably.

Remember to relax your shoulders, your tongue and your neck.  If you feel tightness in other parts of your body – relax those muscles.  Allow your mind to drift around your activity.  Feel what you are doing, smell, taste, touch…

If other thoughts come in, allow them to drift out. Pay no attention. Bring yourself back to your focus activity.  After five minutes or the length of time you are able to continue this. Gently brig yourself back, smile and congratulate yourself on doing your best.  Next time it will be even better.  Each time you will be closer to feeling the Universal Flow.

The Joy of Being Alone


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